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Future 500 ID Camps, powered by Adidas, provide an unparalleled soccer recruiting opportunity, with over 75 top NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 universities in attendance. Future 500’s innovative blend of on-field matches and off-field educational seminars provide an exceptional opportunity to Get Recruited while Getting Educated. Be a part of the top rated College ID Camps in the USA.

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International Soccer Organizations Partner with Future 500 ID Camps

Industry Leader in American Soccer Camps with 75 + Top US Colleges

Breaking News:  Future 500 ID Camps, the industry leader in American Soccer Camps featuring 75 + Top US Colleges at EACH Camp, is pleased to announce partnerships with International Soccer Organizations. Future 500 partners with 12 different organizations throughout the world including International Organizations from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Canada, Germany, and more!

Mark Wagner, President of Future 500 ID Camps states, “We are honored to have been selected by some of the very best International Soccer Organizations in the world. It says a

International Soccer Organizations Partner with Future 500 ID Camps

Dare to Compare!

We dare you to compare Future 500 ID Camp to any camp in the US that claims to offer 50 or more colleges at ONE camp! In fact, we urge you to take a thorough look at Future 500 ID Camp and COMPARE US with any other larger scale ID soccer camp in the US. Visit our website, our blogs and see what college coaches say about Future 500 ID Camps. Get to know us – then visit their website (and blogs if they have them) and then compare us head-to-head.

Why are we

Dare to Compare!

Future 500 ID Camps Packing List

Future 500 ID Camps are just around the corner and you may be wondering what should I take to this outstanding overnight soccer camp?  Print this list out to help you when you pack:

What to bring this Overnight Soccer Camp?


– Soccer gear including shin guards, indoor/outdoor soccer shoes, tape (players must supply their own tape), compression shorts, gear for rain or shine.

– Water Bottle

– Sun Block


– Dorms are air-conditioned

Bed linens including sheets, pillow, blanket (XL

Future 500 ID Camps Packing List
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