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2016 Boys and Girls Soccer Camps

2016 Boys and Girls Soccer Camps Announced

Why 75 Colleges?

Why expand from bringing in 50 top colleges and universities to bringing in 75 top colleges and universities for EACH of our 2016 boys and girls soccer camps?

FIRST, families continue to share with us how busy summers have become — and with camps, club and high-school commitments, family vacations and more, they can only choose a limited number of College ID camps to attend.  As a result, we wanted to ensure that Future 500 ID Camps are as beneficial as we can possibly make them. So the logical solution was to significantly increase the number of colleges attending, while maintaining our 100% guarantee (more on that below) and our industry-leading educational programming!

When deciding to expand to 75 colleges and universities, it was important that we build on the outstanding quality that has established Future 500 ID Camps as the top College ID Camps in the Nation. Please read on to see why we believe Future 500 will again achieve this for our 2016 College ID Camps!




Our 2016 Boys and Girls Soccer Camps will:

Provide a carefully selected mix of NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 colleges that are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for talented student-athletes. Future 500 ID Camps offer the best compilation of top academic and soccer programs in the U.S.  And no one offers a more balanced combination of top NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 colleges – and ALL 75+ colleges are actively looking for talented student athletes. That’s intentional – it’s the best way to offer as many recruiting opportunities as possible, to as many players as possible.

Provide an industry-low low 7 to 1  player-to-staff ratio. This ratio allows for a highly individualized approach for player-coach interactions that rivals the smallest of camps. You get the best of both worlds.  Unparalleled recruiting opportunities and personal coach-player attention and interaction.

Provide extensive, professional and in depth educational programming. Because of our size, our corporate sponsors and thus the considerable resources available to us, we are able to offer seminars of the very highest quality, including our acclaimed Parent Education Seminar, fully proctored SAT, PSAT and ACT practice exams (optional and free for all campers) and many other outstanding seminars to help educate and prepare campers to be successful college student-athletes.


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Future 500 ID Camps only list colleges that are actually attending this year’s camps and is clear about which specific camp(s) they are attending. We don’t list colleges that attended previous camps and we will never make false claims about individual colleges attending, or the total number of colleges attending. Future 500 posts the lists of colleges attending each of our Boys and Girls Soccer Camps early in January and always keeps the lists of colleges that are attending current and up to date on a weekly basis. If you are considering other id camps, count the actual colleges on each page to see if it matches the brand promise!

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