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2017 Summer Soccer Camps for Boys and Girls Announced!

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2017 Summer Soccer Camps Announced!

Three exciting weeks of 2017 summer soccer camps were announced by Future 500 ID Camp for high school age boys and girls interested in the best soccer id camps in the USA.  In 2016, campers representing 46 US states and 34 countries across the globe showcased their soccer talent at Future 500 ID Camps.  All 2017 summer soccer camps will be located in suburban Philadelphia.  Our id soccer camps offer overnight and commuter options. 

Why 75 + Colleges?

Future 500 ID Camps provide 75 + top academic colleges and universities and nationally-recognized soccer programs representing the best of NCAA Division 1, 2, 3 and NAIA at each camp.  Future 500 also provides a 100% guarantee to be seen by all colleges attending each of our camps.  How do we do it?  Future 500 spends a tremendous amount of time optimizing the complex schedule-matrix for campers, counselors and college coaches, ensuring that the schedule is highly organized, efficient, strategic and designed for all college coaches to see all campers at least once.  We believe that 75 colleges allow us to provide the right amount of high-level NCAA Division I, II, and III soccer programs without sacrificing any quality (ie: you can be seen by all college coaches).  Future 500 ID Camps continue to be the best id soccer camps in the US.


All lists are updated daily starting Jan. 1.  Check back often!

Future 500 ID Camps also provide information on…

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Shrewd Shopper for Future 500 on LeftIf you are considering other id soccer camps, below are a couple shrewd shopper hints!

Hint #1:  In our experience, college coaches book their camp plans several months in advance.  Carefully count the actual colleges on each page to see if it matches the brand promise!

Hint #2:  Email the college coach listed, make sure they are actually coming and ask for how long!  If actual college coaches are not listed, ask the camp director to provide you the list of which coach is confirmed coming from that camp so you can check for yourself.  You want to connect with college coaches ahead of camp to make sure they know you are attending and to keep an eye out for you!

Hint #3:  If another camp offers a 100% guarantee email the camp director and ask them to show you how they do it.  The more colleges per camp, the more complicated that can become.  They should be able to answer that question thoroughly and reasonably.

Hint #4:  Ask how many days are the college coaches attending that camp?  At most larger id camps a college coach will need at least 2 days of camp to watch every team play once.  

Hint #5:  Future 500 ID Camps only advertise the colleges and college coaches that have confirmed (in writing) to attend a specific week of our upcoming camps.  


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