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5.6% of soccer players make a college roster: be one of them.


We get it, the college recruiting process is complicated and stressful. 30 years of experience with the journey from high school to college soccer has taught us as much. Add to the complexity, there are literally thousands of athletes competing for limited soccer roster spots. In fact, only 5.6% of high school soccer players go on to play soccer in college. 

The competition is intense for roster spots. To give yourself the best chance of competing at the collegiate level you have to ensure that you are exposing yourself to as many coaches as possible. You have to be proactive, and take the process seriously. There are a few vital steps in the recruiting process that you need to follow to ensure that you are one of the lucky 5.6%, including:

  1. Evaluating what level you should play at (D1, D2 or D3)
  2. Deciding on what types of schools you want to attend
  3. Finding and communicating with college coaches
  4. Attracting the interest of college coaches

Future 500 provides a significant boost to each of the steps above. Read how below:


Future 500 provides the ultimate platform for you to put yourself in this spotlight, whether you are D1, D2 or D3 level. Generating interest from coaches is simple Рplay in front of them. Coaches need to see you to identify and recruit you. Future 500 has 75 coaches at each camp from a carefully selected mix of D1, D2 and D3 schools Рto provide exposure to players of all levels. Playing in front of 75 coaches at Future 500 generates interest, communications, and new college options for you.

In 2018, 93.4% of the 225 coaches that attended the three Future 500 camps recruited multiple players as a direct result of camp.
Don’t let players you are competing with for roster spots gain such an advantage over you by not attending Future 500 when they are.


One of the best ways to evaluate what level you should be playing at in college is to look at the communications you receive from coaches after attending a showcase or Future 500 ID Camp. If most of the communications you receive are from D2 coaches after camp – that is a pretty good indication that this is your level. You now have interested coaches who you can communicate with, and a good idea of what level you should aim for when communicating with any other coaches.


One of the unique side-benefits of Future 500 is that, in addition to playing in front of so many colleges that you already know or are aiming for, you also play in front of local and out-of-state colleges that you aren’t so familiar with. This helps to broaden the pool of colleges on your college list and introduces you to new and potentially perfect colleges for you.

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