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5 Easy Steps for Campers to use the OnDemand Feature after Camp

Future 500 ID Camp offers an exciting, complimentary On Demand video service through our video partners, Cross Street Sports.  Any of the multitude of college coaches that attended our camps, as well as any college coaches that did not attend, can receive video directly from Future 500 ID Camps of all 11v11 matches that occurred during each week.  

So how can campers who attended Future 500 ID Camps take advantage of the On Demand Feature to help them get recruited?

Let’s review it in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1:  Make a list of colleges and coaches that you would like to play for. The list can include both colleges that did and did not attend a Future 500 ID Camp.

Step 2:  Complete the soccer recruiting questionnaire for each of the colleges you are interested in playing for so they know you are legitimately interested..

Step 3:  Follow up with a personal email to those college coaches stating your sincere interest and list actual reasons why you like their college.  Tell these coaches that there is video of you from Future 500 ID Camps.  Tell them your camp pinnie #, camp team name, and the dates you attended camp and include your contact information.  Lastly, tell each college coach to email benji@future500idcamps.com with a request to view the 11v11 HD video.

Step 4:  Follow up with the college coach in 5 business days to see if they successfully requested and received the 11v11 video footage and request feedback on their interest level.  

Step 5:  Ask the college coach what the next steps are to be recruited to their college.

Please Note: There is no additional cost to campers to take advantage of this feature.  So if you haven’t gotten started yet, start now.  Many colleges are still recruiting.  

About Future 500 ID Camps:

Future 500 ID Camps, powered by Adidas, provide an unparalleled soccer recruiting opportunity, with over 75 top NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 universities in attendance. Future 500’s innovative blend of on-field matches and off-field educational seminars provide an exceptional opportunity to Get Recruited while Getting Educated.

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