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5 Game-Changing Ways Future 500 Will Help You Get Recruited

Soccer ID Camps are events where high school-aged soccer players can showcase their skills to college coaches in the hopes of getting recruited. These camps are a crucial aspect of the soccer recruiting process. But how do you decide which camp to attend, if any? Here are 5 game-changing ways that Future 500 will get you recruited (and why you should register now with only $30 down).

1. College Coaches = Key

College coaches rave about us each year. We aren’t just saying that, we can confidently tell you to ask any coach who has been to one of our events how we compare to other camps. We focus on facilitating every college coaches recruiting at our camps by making it as easy as possible for them to see all of the players attending.

In addition, compared to other ID camps, all of our coaches actually attend (if they are listed on the website it is because they have signed an agreement). We also feature 50 college coaches at each camp (more than any other), and each coach has a strict schedule to ensure they watch every player at camp – maximizing exposure.

Finally, each of our events include many top DI, DII and DIII colleges – as well as some NAIA and JUCO. Our camps feature a mix of high academic colleges, more athletic colleges, big colleges and small colleges. There really is something for everyone at each of our events.

2. Recruiting, Refined

Through many years of learning how best to fulfill our mission of helping players get identified by college coaches, we have created an event that is optimized for this outcome. Our camps feature games, rather than training, as this is how college coaches primarily recruit.

An innovative schedule tightly controls player and coach movement to ensure adequate playing time in front of every coach. We also focus on creating personal interaction between coaches and players through live recruiting and individual attention.

Each of our events is hosted at the best facilities available in the area, so that players can focus on showing their best in front of all of the college coaches on the sideline.

3. Video & More Video

To further help our aspiring college soccer players – each event includes the highest quality game film for free. Players can also elect to upgrade to a carefully curated highlight reel for their recruiting efforts.

4. You Getting Recruited…Is Our Mission

Many of the staff at Future 500, including the founder, Mark Wagner, had their lives forever changed because they were able to find the right college team. That is the reason Future 500 was started – and we spare no effort and no expense in ensuring that we deliver an event that is the best recruiting exposure many of our campers will receive in the whole of 2023.

We want to help change the lives of aspiring college players in the same way that ours was changed.

5. Proven Success

In 2022,  94.3% of college coaches at Future 500 identified multiple players from our Summer ID Camps. Ask someone you know who has attended one of our events: Future 500 is beloved by players and their families, as we provide the launch pad for players to find their best fit college.

Why You Should Save Your Spot With $30 Down Today…

Every year, without fail, parents are disappointed. Why? Because they wait too long to save their spot at camp. Many of our events enter a waitlist months before the event. Only 10-20% of the waitlisted families get admitted to camp from there. Don’t miss out, with only a $30 deposit you can reserve your spot at any of our summer events today.


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