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5 Tips for Choosing A Soccer Camp

Soccer ID Camps have become incredibly popular as they allow players to play in front of college coaches. ID Camps allow players to make lasting connections with coaches that will assist in the journey to a college roster. With so many new camps out there it can be difficult evaluating which to spend your valuable time and money on. Read below to find out how to evaluate and compare camps.

1. How many coaches does the camp have?

It comes down to simple math – the more coaches there are, the greater variety of coaches there are, the greater your odds of forming solid connections with coaches and being identified. Future 500 pioneered large scale ID camps, and have grown each year to the point where 2019’s roster includes 85 coaches for each camp.

2. How many of the coaches will actually see you play?

Having a lot of coaches isn’t enough – camps have to focus on providing an extreme level of detail to ensure coaches actually watch and train all players – as opposed to just wandering around. Camper and coach surveys each year have revealed that other camps are much less focused on ensuring maximum exposure. Prospects at Future 500 ID Camps will be seen playing by 100% of the coaches from the 85 colleges and universities at camp. Our facilities and careful planning enable every coach to identify prospects for their programs. Read here to see what coaches think makes Future 500 the best in the country for exposure.

3. What level are the college coaches?

It is sometimes difficult to establish exactly what Division you should be aiming for. The Divisional make-up of camps matters greatly. You would be wasting your time playing at a camp consisting of predominantly D1 coaches if you are closer to D3 or D2 in level. Future 500 features a carefully selected mix of coaches from all three NCAA Divisions to ensure high quality exposure for players of different levels. Future 500 also features coaches from all around the country and from different settings, sizes and more. This ensures that there are a variety of options for any aspiring college player who attend Future 500.

4. What is the format of the camp?

How many matches do you play? Play too many games and you will get worn out and not show well. Yet, if you only play 1 game a day a bad stretch of play could limit your chances to get recruited. Future 500 is organized with campers and maximum exposure in mind. The camp consists of 8v8 and 11v11 matches as well as training sessions and small group break out sessions with coaches. This ensures the greatest number of opportunities to show well, and in different situations. Read the camper reviews to learn more about how players feel about Future 500.

5. What is the quality of the environment?

The camp environment is a significant factor in determining the success of the experience. The quality of the fields, dorm rooms, facilities and more will impact your ability to play your best. What is the quality of the fields? Seems like a simple question, but it’s hard to show well in front of college coaches when playing on substandard fields. Future 500 features new fields at Eastern along with high quality dorms and facilities and more.

Spots sell out in May each year. Don’t miss out on Future 500.

The choice of a College ID Camp is an important one. Future 500 is THE trusted name for college identification and exposure. In fact, in 2018 94.3% of coaches contacted multiple players after camp. Learn more about dates and coaches lists here.

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