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Are College ID Camps Worth It?

The statistics say that only 5% of high school soccer players make a college roster. Many high schoolers struggle to decide where to spend their time and money in order to get recruited by a college coach. There are a number of strategies for getting recruited including College ID Camps, but are they really worth it?

The goal of a College ID camp is to bring players and coaches together so that coaches can watch, coach and ultimately evaluate and recruit players for their college rosters. 

But why are they so important?

Let’s look at it from a college soccer coach’s perspective. Coaches have a small number of off-campus evaluations to use for identification, alongside a limited recruiting budget. And after COVID-19, recruiting budgets are even lower, so there are more limitations in the number of off-campus recruiting opportunities. Coaches prioritize certain ID camps which provide them with a great pool of players to identify. ID camps have actually become a primary evaluative tool used by college soccer coaches, making them a vital component of a successful recruiting process for an aspiring college player.

ID Camps vs Showcases?

At a showcase, college coaches spend about 10-15 minutes at a game and can cover up to 40 games over the weekend. This is a very limited window to see a player. What if a player wasn’t in the game while the coach was watching, or the player did not get to see much of the play during this time. There is a lot left up to chance. 

Benefits of ID Camps

College ID camps are beneficial for your recruiting for a variety of reasons:

#1 Players gain exposure to a large number of coaches for an extended period of time.

#2 Coaches have a lot more time to properly evaluate a player in a game situation.

#3 Most college coaches actively participate in their ID camps so they get some hands-on experience evaluating whether or not a player would be a good fit for their program.

#4 Players get more one-on-one interaction with coaches in this environment than in any other, allowing them to establish connections and bolster their chances of getting recruited.

#5 ID Camps allow you to acquire high quality game film and highlight reels for your recruiting efforts. A big part of the recruiting process involves sending your film to college coaches, Future 500 provides you with high quality game film for no extra charge.

#6 ID Camps expose aspiring college soccer players to a wide variety of colleges of different sizes, settings, locations and more.

#7 ID Camps help you to determine what level you should be playing at in college. If you receive emails from primarily DII and DIII college coaches after camp, this is a good indication that you should be playing at a DII or DIII college.

ID Camps are worth it, in fact, they are essential.

College recruiting is ultimately about standing out, separating yourself from the other players. The player pool you are competing with is deep. In addition, the NCAA transfer portal and the ease with which players can transfer schools has further enhanced this competitive environment. College ID camps provide an excellent opportunity to stand out and get identified!


It’s easy to understand their value for a junior or senior attending an ID camp. However, attending ID camps at a younger age while just beginning the recruiting process is just as beneficial.


We may be a bit biased, but we think you should take one of the spots at Future 500 if you are serious about playing at the collegiate level. Here are some reasons why:

1. Proven Success

In 2022,  94.3% of college coaches at Future 500 identified multiple players from our National ID Camps. Future 500 is beloved by college coaches, who use our events as one of their primary methods for identifying players.

2. Maximum Exposure

Future 500 ID Camps will provide you with in-depth exposure to the highest quality collection of NCAA coaches in the nation. Future 500’s detailed Maximum Exposure Matrix ensures that you will be seen by every coach. Learn more here.

3. Individual Attention

You will get to know college coaches through “Ask A Coach” Q & A and tactical scouting sessions, where you will interact directly with coaches, further strengthening identification and exposure opportunities at our Soccer ID Camps. Learn more here.

4. Cutting-Edge Game Film Included

Future 500 is partnering with Veo, to provide you with the best video identification of any soccer camps. This includes Future 500’s Veo Video Program, which provides unlimited video access to over 100 of the top schools in the country — allowing them to watch you play long after camp. Every camp registration includes VEO game film for your recruiting efforts. Learn more about VEO here.

5. Live Recruiting

Each ID camp will also feature Live Recruiting Sessions – A knowledgeable college coach will talk with you LIVE during a match to help you see exactly what college coaches are looking for when they are recruiting during our Soccer ID Camps. Learn more here.

6. Innovative Schedule

Our innovative schedule ensures every minute of your time at camp is maximized. When not demonstrating your talent on the field, you will be personally interacting with and gaining invaluable recruiting insights directly from experienced college coaches. Learn more here.

7. Top Facilities

All Future 500 Soccer Camps are played on top quality fields at outstanding facilities, freeing you up to focus on showing well regardless of weather conditions. Learn more here.

2023 Camps Selling Fast!

Our 2023 ID Camps have limited spots remaining. Be sure to register soon to save your spot at one of our upcoming ID Camps, and get recruited!

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