2023 Soccer ID Camps Announced!

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What is Future 500’s Maximum Exposure Guarantee?

Future 500’s Maximum Exposure Guarantee, ensures maximum exposure for every camper that attends a Future 500 ID Camp. This means that campers will be seen by every College Coach in attendance – often multiple times. We are not aware of a mid-to-large size College ID Camp in the country with a guarantee that LEGITIMATELY gets anywhere close to this. So how do we achieve this? Read more below.


Future 500 spends a tremendous amount of time optimizing the schedule matrix for both campers and college coaches, ensuring that the schedule is highly organized, efficient and strategic.
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The college recruiting process is long and stressful. Navigating this process successfully can often mean the difference between attending a school that is a good fit and having a great experience, versus attending the wrong school, or no school at all. There are a number of important considerations that factor into ‘how to choose a college’ for college bound athletes. Here are 7 questions to ask yourself while going through the process of choosing a college. 1. What if I can’t play my sport? This may sound strange, but starting your search with athletics at the center can be problematic in the long-run.
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How To Compare Soccer Camps: 5 Things To Consider

Soccer ID Camps have become incredibly popular as they allow players to play in front of many college coaches at once. ID Camps allow players to make lasting connections with coaches that will assist in the journey to a college roster. With so many new camps out there it can be difficult evaluating which to spend your valuable time and money on. To help you evaluate and compare camps, ask the following 5 questions. 1. How many coaches does the camp have? It comes down to simple math – the more coaches there are, the greater variety of coaches there are, the greater your odds of forming solid connections with coaches and being identified.
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5 Steps To End Up At The WRONG College.

The 4-year graduation rate in the US is approximately 40%. This means that you are more likely to add additional years to your degree (or drop out of college) than to graduate in 4 years. Scary right? In fact, about 39% of students transfer to another college or drop out altogether after freshman year. What is the reason for these statistics? Why is the transfer rate so high and the 4-year graduation rate so low? The answer is generally that many students are making the decision to attend colleges that are not a good fit for them. This is usually because of a flawed college sports recruiting process.
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2022 Summer Soccer Camps | Join Us At Future 500 This Summer

Looking for a summer soccer camp in 2022? Look no further than Future 500 ID Camps. Future 500 specializes in providing the ultimate college soccer exposure events to high school players who are looking to get identified by college coaches. We have a variety of events this summer featuring a collection of the top college coaches in the nation. Here are some of the reasons you should select Future 500 as your 2022 summer soccer camp destination. MAXIMUM EXPOSURE Future 500’s 2022 Summer Soccer Camps will provide you with the most in-depth exposure to the highest-quality collection of NCAA coaches available.
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