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Crayons Academy for Skills Excellence coming to Future 500 ID Camps

Future 500 ID Camps, the U.S. leader in College ID Camps, is proud to welcome players from Crayons Academy for Skills Excellence (CASE) in 2018.



About CASE

Crayons Academy for Skills Excellence, based in New Delhi, India is a recruitment service which helps students from all India pursue their athletic dreams at American universities.

India produces some of the most promising young sporting talent at our schools or national levels, but a very few of these sportspersons have excelled on the international stage. Many of these sportspersons give up their sporting ambitions right after school and turn to academics exclusively. Playing college sports in the USA provides a great option to pursue sports and academics simultaneously.

Student-Athletes can play their sport competitively at world class training facilities while gaining a valuable college degree. Having recognized that there is very little knowledge of the process involved and the fact that the USA college coaches are always on the look-out for promising talent, CASE bridges this gap successfully.

Our knowledge and experience of the process and our relationships with college coaches help navigate this process which may be somewhat alien to prospective student-athletes in India. Most importantly, since these Indian student-athletes are not able to showcase their skills to coaches in the USA, CASE provides this opportunity to bring these skills to the attention of the coaches using our years of experience and associations.

CASE helps you to get recruited:

  • Guide & mentor you from a young age to a high school graduate. It’s never too early to start!
  • Help develop training schedule, physical fitness — utilize our relationships with top trainers, coaches, and physical therapists in India.
  • Build your sports resume, yearly schedule, emails to coaches, LORs, etc.
  • Help develop showcase videos to show sporting talent to prospective college coaches.
  • Complete all requisite formalities for college admissions & regulatory requirements in the USA as a student-athlete & provide a realistic approach towards earning scholarships.
  • Help attend Identification (ID) Camps in the USA, such as Future 500 ID Camp, sponsored by Adidas.
  • Gain easy access to college coaches through CASE’s vast coaching network.


Vikram Anand, CEO of CASE commented: “Our association with Future 500 camps will provide an invaluable opportunity to prospective young soccer players from the Indian subcontinent who aspire to join college in the USA. Future 500 provides a great opportunity to these players who get to play under the watchful eyes of college coaches and gain their valuable insights and feedback.”


About Future 500 ID Camps

Future 500 ID Camps is the industry leader in the U.S. for both showcasing and educating student-athletes looking to play soccer at top colleges and universities throughout the United States. Future 500 ID Camps provide an unparalleled soccer recruiting opportunity, with over 75 of the top NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 universities in attendance at each camp. Future 500’s innovative blend of on-field matches and off-field educational seminars provide an exceptional opportunity to get recruited by top colleges and universities while getting educated on many important aspects of the college experience.

“We are excited to welcome players from Crayons Academy for Skills Excellence in 2018. With the help of CASE, Future 500 will provide many international players with the opportunity to be recruited by American colleges and universities. Future 500 desires to work with reputable organizations that strive to provide a service of the highest quality. CASE and its team have an excellent reputation, and Future 500 is proud to welcome its players in 2018. We look forward to working together in the coming years”, said Mark Wagner, President of Future 500 ID Camps.