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5 Things You NEED To Do To Get Recruited!

According to NCAA Data, only 5% of high school soccer players get recruited to play college soccer. The truth is that college teams have a lot of prospective players to choose from. Depending on the college, you are most likely competing with hundreds of recruits for only 4 – 10 roster spots. Most soccer players are taking the process seriously and doing all they can to get recruited, and so should you. Below are the 5 essential things you NEED to do to increase your chances of getting recruited to play college soccer. 1. Complete EVERY Soccer Questionnaire Almost every college soccer team has a questionnaire that is available for prospective students to fill out.
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Comparing ID Camps? 5 Things To Look Out For.

College ID camps are a vital component of getting recruited to play college soccer. With a number of options available, how do families decide where to spend their hard earned money? Here are 5 key things to think about when comparing ID camps: 1. Are The Coaches Actually Attending? Most ID camps list a certain number of colleges on their website as attending an upcoming ID camp. The most important question here is: are the coaches actually going to be there? Some ID camp coach lists end up being pretty different in person than they were advertised online. It is important to evaluate the reputation of the ID camp provider when deciding which camp to attend.
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5 Steps To End Up At The WRONG College.

The 4-year graduation rate in the US is approximately 40%. This means that you are more likely to add additional years to your degree (or drop out of college) than to graduate in 4 years. Scary right? In fact, about 39% of students transfer to another college or drop out altogether after freshman year. What is the reason for these statistics? Why is the transfer rate so high and the 4-year graduation rate so low? The answer is generally that many students are making the decision to attend colleges that are not a good fit for them. For high school soccer players, this is usually because of a flawed college recruiting process.
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Are College ID Camps Worth It?

The statistics say that only 5% of high school soccer players make a college roster. Many high schoolers struggle to decide where to spend their time and money in order to get recruited by a college coach, often affecting their chances of being one of the 5%. There are a number of strategies for getting recruited. This article looks at college soccer ID Camps and asks the question, “are they really worth it?” The goal of a soccer ID camp is to bring players and coaches together so that coaches can watch, coach and ultimately evaluate and identify players for their college rosters.
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What Is Our Camper To Coach Ratio And Does It Matter?

Does the camper to coach ratio matter? What is Future 500’s ratio – especially given that we have 60 college coaches at each camp? We are often asked about our coach-to-camper ratio, with many parents interested in what their son or daughters’ experience would be if they attended one of Future 500’s ID camps
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