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Choosing the Right College

Dec 4, 2013

Did you know there are over 2,000 4-year colleges in the United States? With so many options, how do you find the right college?
The Future 500 ID Camp staff finds it helpful to talk about “Fit”. Fit considers many variables, including:
• Location
• Size
• Major
• Academic reputation
• Public/private
• Scholarships/financial aid
• NCAA Division (1,2,or 3) or NAIA
• Quality of the soccer program
• College program’s system of play & how the coach sees you fitting into it

Clearly, there are more variables – but these key variables will go a long way in helping determine if a college might be a good fit.
Picking the right college fit is similar to trying on soccer shoes! Once you have tried on enough shoes, you just know which ones are right.
It’s unlikely a serious soccer player would walk into a store and buy the first pair of shoes they saw – the choice is simply too important. How much more your choice of college for four years!

So start exploring your college choices early, try on a lot of shoes, narrow down to a handful of final options – and then pick the one that fits best!

Future 500 ID Camps will devote a considerable portion of an evening seminar for all campers on this important topic We will also conduct a seminar for parents (immediately after check in), that will explore this topic extensively

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