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Dare to Compare!

May 1, 2017

We dare you to compare Future 500 ID Camp to any camp in the US that claims to offer 50 or more colleges at ONE camp! In fact, we urge you to take a thorough look at Future 500 ID Camp and COMPARE US with any other larger scale ID soccer camp in the US. Visit our website, our blogs and see what college coaches say about Future 500 ID Camps. Get to know us – then visit their website (and blogs if they have them) and then compare us head-to-head.

Why are we asking you to do this? Because we are what we say we are — the industry leader in larger scale College ID Soccer Camps! And because when you dig deeper with other larger scale College ID Camps – what is promised isn’t always what you get.

Dare to Compare


75 Top Colleges & Universities Per Week

How many colleges do they advertise will attend their camp? How many colleges do they have listed per week RIGHT NOW on their website for EACH CAMP?

Future 500 clearly lists both the college and the college coach who will be attending and only for the ACTUAL week they are working. If they say 50 colleges, do they actually have 50 on their site? If they say 75 colleges, do they actually have 75 on their site? See our updated lists HERE, HERE & HERE.

Hint – Do they list the actual college coaches that are coming so you can contact those college coaches ahead of time? How long will those coaches be there? 1 day? 2 days? All camp?

100% Guarantee

Do they – as Future 500 ID Camp does – offer a guarantee that every player will be seen by 100% of the colleges in attendance?

Hint – If they say they have a 100% guarantee; exactly how does that work? Read more HERE.

Free (yes, Free) ON Demand & Live Stream Video?

Do they leverage technology to expand your recruiting reach for free?  Do they send video to college coaches after the camp?  Do professionals videographers shoot the video? Is it HD quality?

Hint – Free of charge, Future 500 ID Camps offers their innovative On Demand and LiveStream Programs to every camper that registers.  Is there another camp in the country that does this?  We haven’t found one!  Read More:  On Demand Program | LiveStream Program

International Partnerships That Will Bring Additional Colleges to Camp

Do they have additional college coaches (in addition to the 75 that we advertise on our website) that WILL BE ATTENDING CAMP because of our many international partnerships, but that will also watch U.S. players at the same time (notice that we do not claim how many additional colleges will attend, even though expect it will be a substantial amount?).

Hint – Read about our international campers and partnerships HERE. And then call the other camps and ask if they offer this?

Sport Psychology vs Performance Enhancement?

They are not the same. We have a Nationally known Performance Enhancement Specialist whose methods have been so well-received that he was recently asked present his ideas during a TED Talk.

Hint – Our Performance Enhancement Specialist will be present on site at every one of our camps! What is the background and credentials of their person – and will that person actually be present at their camp?  See Jeff’s Recent Blog and then meet him when you come to camp!

Industry Leading Educational Seminars?

Everyone claims to do them. But who really does them well? CLICK HERE to see just one example – our acclaimed Parent Education Seminar, sponsored by Kaplan and Coastal College Counseling. Caution – it is 2.5 hours long – because we wanted to be as thorough as possible. Compare ours to theirs (if they have one)!

HintRead More about ALL of our Educational Seminars

Contact Us to Compare More!

We could continue with more comparison points – but we won’t. Instead, we will make one final suggestion. Don’t just visit websites. Call us – and call them! And ask as many probing questions as you would like. Contact us at [email protected] or by 610-325-7883 Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm EDT or email us the best time to call you and we will call you promptly at that time!

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