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Boston Boys Soccer Camp (12-15 Colleges)

Future 500’s 1-Day Boston Boys Soccer Camp will provide you with in-depth exposure to the highest quality collection of DI, DII & DIII college coaches in the nation.

Colleges That Attended Future 500 Last Year


Brian Bouhl


Paul Killian

Marshall University

Ian De Oliveira


Jordie Ciuffetelli

Oregon State

Adrian Molina

South Carolina

Will Lukowski


Aaron Hohlbein

West Virginia

Nick Hoble

Boston Boys Soccer Camp

The Boston Boys 1-Day Soccer Camp features 12-15 top college coaches from around the nation. Register today to save your place and get identified.

Maximum Exposure

Future 500’s Boston Boys Soccer Camp will provide you with the most in-depth exposure to the highest quality collection of NCAA coaches available. Future 500’s detailed Maximum Exposure Matrix ensures that you will be seen by every coach.

Individual Attention

You will get to know college coaches through “Ask A Coach” Q & A and tactical scouting sessions, where you will interact directly with coaches, further strengthening identification and exposure opportunities at the Boston Boys Soccer Camp.

Game Film Included

Future 500 is partnering with Veo to provide you with the best video identification of any soccer camps. Future 500 campers can receive the VEO Film Package as a camp add-on.

Recruiting Education

Our Boston Boys Soccer Camp features a Panel Discussion led by college coaches. Additionally, a Parent Seminar will be provided by Future 500 staff and college coaches.

Innovative Schedule

Our innovative schedule ensures every minute of your time at the Boston Boys Soccer Camp is maximized. When not demonstrating your talent on the field, you will be personally interacting with and gaining invaluable recruiting insights directly from experienced college coaches.

Top Facilities

All Future 500 ID Camps are played exclusively on top quality fields at outstanding facilities, freeing you up to focus on showing well regardless of weather conditions.