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Film & Highlight Reels

Game Film

All players from camp can purchase raw game footage of four 11 v 11 games! They can use this film to send to coaches, create highlight videos, or do whatever they would like with it! Please allow 2 weeks for processing and for your film to be emailed to you.

Highlight Reel Process

If you have purchased a highlight reel from us, when players receive their film footage from camp, they will also receive a jotform to specify which clips they would like to use in their highlight reel. Once those clips are specified and submitted back to us, we will then use those clips to create a high quality highlight reel. Please allow 3-4 weeks for highlight reels to be made once we have received your submitted jotform with your selected clips. If you have not purchased highlight reels from us and are interested in doing so, please email Linda@future500idcamp.com and she can add that option ($150) to your registration and charge the card on file.

Film Coaches at Camp

The coaches marked with “FILM” on the website will be sent film and roster information directly from us once we receive the film. (Approx 2 weeks post camp). (Only the coaches marked “FILM” after their name will be sent film and roster information directly from us).

On Demand Video

Any coach/school a player is interested in can contact us to request links of any player from camp. The request has to come directly from the coach. (a player cannot email us and ask us to send video links to them). Coaches should email us directly and then we would send them your game footage from camp.

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