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The D-1 Dead Period has been extended until 2021, while coaches from D-2 and D-3 schools are finding it increasingly difficult to watch players in person. With no end in sight beyond this extension the process of being identified by college coaches has become drastically more difficult. This is where video comes in, an essential resource to increase your chances of getting recruited to your dream college.

Indeed, video has become an absolutely vital resource in the college recruiting process in 2021. Not only has video dramatically increased in importance but there is now even more emphasis placed on the quality of the video sent to coaches. Coaches want to see high quality footage of players in order to compensate for not being able to watch them live. 

Future 500, the best camps for college exposure in the nation, is partnering with Veo, the leader in soccer video technology. Veo uses a 180° camera with two 4K lenses to record the entire field at 30 frames per second from the perfect elevation. Veo uses AI powered software to automatically detect the ball and every player on the pitch at all times. Veo’s innovative platform allows college coaches to watch and analyze any player on and off the ball, at any point in the game, creating the best recruiting exposure possible for Future 500 campers.

“VEO records the highest quality video, before allowing coaches to zoom in, track, isolate and watch any player at Future 500 as if they were physically present.” 



Future 500 and VEO’s partnership will help us to provide the best identification opportunity for players anywhere in the USA. Our partnership with VEO will help us to bridge the gap with coaches who are not able to attend our events in person in the following ways:


Future 500 will be sending Veo Film to 100 top colleges coaches that are within the Future 500 network. To see which colleges will be sent all 11v11 film from each camp, check out the coaches lists for each camp. This is by far your best chance to be seen by these coaches.

Additionally, any college in the US can also contact us and ask to watch any player games through the VEO Platform – dramatically increasing recruiting exposure opportunities, at no extra cost to a player or the coach. See the latest lists of virtual schools for the Boys and Girls fall camps below (more to be added to each).


Purchasing the Veo Film Package grants campers access to the high quality Veo film from all of their 11v11 games at camp. Players will be able to download their film or easily send it directly to coaches using the innovative Veo platform.


Future 500 will take campers Veo Film (and other clips) and edit them into a concise, high quality highlight reel including isolation effects, a title card and more. Future 500’s Highlight Reels will provide campers with a link to a downloadable highlight reel which can be sent directly to coaches.

Future 500 looks forward to working with Veo to provide players with this incredible video technology, to help them on their journey to their dream colleges. Register for camp today and jumpstart your journey to college.

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