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*This page will be updated regularly to reflect the latest Future 500 ID Camp and COVID-19 information.

Future 500, like many organizations, has had to adapt and change our College ID Camps this year in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Future 500 has focused on decreasing the size as well as changing the layout of the camps in order to ensure the safety of campers in response to COVID-19. With safety always a priority, Future 500 has made the following changes to camp:


1. Requiring Vehicles

As part of Future 500’s safety procedures for 2020, players will not be allowed to linger on the fields when they are not playing and parents will not be allowed to spectate. Players will be required to have a vehicle present at the fields where they can return at the end of each match or break-out session. Players will have access to virtual college seminars on their mobile devices between games to help educate them on the recruiting process.

2. Limiting The Number Of Registrants

Future 500 is limiting the number of registrants for each camp this year. This will help us to ensure that camp is smaller this year, and that we can keep players in smaller and separate groups at all times.

3. Dividing Players Into Smaller Groups

In addition to accepting a limited number of players this year, Future 500 will be further dividing players into smaller groups. These smaller groups will be consistent, managed and spaced out over the fields at all times in order to ensure all social distancing measures are met while also providing a more intimate camp setting.

4. An Anticipated Ratio Of 1 Coach to Every 6 Campers

Given the fact that we are limiting the number of campers this year we are anticipating a 1 to 6 or better ratio of campers to coaches. This is the best ratio you will find at any event in the country, and will be conducive to keeping players in smaller groups, as well as to significantly increase exposure and identification opportunities. 

5. Spacing Out Coaches and Smaller Groups

This year’s camps will still feature top college coaches from a carefully selected mix of D1, D2 and D3 schools. Future 500 has always been renowned for its careful and meticulous planning, and this helps us to ensure that our coaches will be spaced out adequately at all times. This carefully crafted coach schedule will also ensure that every coach watches every player play at each camp. 

In addition to spacing out the coaches on a carefully designed schedule, the smaller groups of players will also be spaced out at all times in order to ensure maximum separation as well as the feel of a smaller camp for each individual.

6. Removing The Overnight Option

Future 500’s camps this year will be moving to a day-camp format, removing the option for campers to stay overnight at camp –  eliminating many of the shared spaces normally present at camp. This is an additional step we have taken toward ensuring the safety and social distancing of campers this year, while maintaining a smaller camp feel.

7. Moving From 4 Days to 2 and 1 Days

Limiting the number of campers we will accept this year, as well as reducing the number of days of camp from 4 days to 2 and 1 days, has allowed us to better plan a schedule conducive to smaller groups of players, while still providing the most comprehensive identification opportunity for players to be seen by the best collection of coaches in the nation.

8. Changing the Format of College Seminars

Future 500 ID Camps feature renowned college seminars featuring top guest speakers who educate campers on the recruiting process. Future 500’s innovative educational sessions will still be offered, but in a modified format so as to ensure proper social distancing requirements. 


Despite these safety-driven changes and measures, we will still deliver the same high quality college identification opportunity as in previous years which led for example, to 94.3% of coaches contacting Future 500 players after camp in 2019. Make up for lost time on the field by attending the number 1 rated college identification camp in the country. Register here.












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