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Important Factors for Choosing College Soccer ID Camps

With so many College Soccer ID Camps available these days, how does a prospect select an ID camp that is the highest quality and best value?

Several factors are important to consider when choosing College Soccer ID Camps.

Number of matches? Play too many games and you will get worn out and not show well. Yet, if you only play 1 game a day a bad stretch of play could limit your chances to get recruited.

How many of the coaches at camp will actually see you play?  Prospects at Future 500 ID Camps will be seen playing by 100% of the coaches from the 75 colleges and universities at camp. Our facilities and careful planning enable every coach from all three NCAA Divisions to identify prospects for their programs.

What is the staff/coach to camper ratio? Is the ratio low enough to ensure quality attention from the coaches and staff attending the camp?  Low ratios are important to help ensure individual attention and a quality experience.

SAT, PSAT, ACT Prep or Exam?  Do they allow campers to take an entire SAT, PSAT, or ACT practice exam with official proctors—or do they just bring in a person to talk briefly about taking the exam. There is a significant difference between the two. At Future 500 – we do both!

Living Arrangements?  Where will campers stay? Are the dorms air-conditioned?  Are the dorms and dining halls close to the fields? Is there ample supervision and is camp held in a safe location? Is the food of high quality, ample and appropriate for athletes training multiple times per day?

Educational seminar quality?  How many educational seminars? What is the content? How in depth do the educational seminars go? What are the qualifications and knowledge base of the people conducting the seminars?

Quality of the fields?  What is the quality of the fields? Seems like a simple question, but it’s hard to show well in front of college coaches when playing on substandard fields.

The choice of a College ID Camp is an important one.  Don’t be bashful when asking questions. Doing your research will go a long way in helping to ensure that you receive the EXPERIENCE and VALUE you are looking for.

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