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How To Make A Great Soccer Recruiting Video!

Having a quality soccer recruiting video can prove quite helpful during the recruiting process. College coaches generally don’t have the time it takes to see hundreds of soccer recruits in person. Video can be a helpful first step in getting the attention of a college coach. A well-done video and effective distribution strategy can be an important step in opening the door of the recruiting process.

To make a great highlight video you need a reasonably good camera and a camera stand (for stability). Depending on the quality of your phone you could also use that, if you are wanting to save money. For the best quality you can purchase a high quality camera such as this one,  allowing coaches to see you more  clearly in the footage. Those on a budget can spend a little bit less to get a camera of decent quality such as this one, or this one, both will be adequate enough to still make a high quality video. In addition to a camera, it is very important that you stabilize the camera or recording device with a stand. Choppy footage will turn a coach off. For a camera, buy this camera stand. If you are wanting to save money and use your high end phone, purchase this cheap phone stand to ensure that you are not holding your phone with your hand while recording, making the video choppy and low quality. Don’t skimp on quality, it could mean the difference between a successful recruiting outcome and an unsuccessful one. In addition, ensure that you have a memory card to store your video, such as the one below. Future 500 regularly uses these devices at camp to film players, and they come highly recommended. 

For highlight video tips, please see below. This information we believe is important in helping to both make and effectively utilize video in the recruiting process.

Keep it Brief! Send 5-8 minutes of video highlights of your play. Coaches don’t have time to watch more than video than that. If for some reason they want more, they will contact you and request it.  After reviewing the video, the coach may decide at this point if he is going to or not going to send staff to see you live.

Video tape multiple games. Preferably from an elevated position and then clip the video down to include 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after you touch the ball. Do this until you have 5-8 minutes of video.

Do not send full games unless a coach requests it. Coaches usually do not have the time or desire to look at entire matches.

Make sure the video is clearly labeled with your name, address, phone number, school name, graduation year, jersey number, jersey color, email address and possibly your SAT/ACT scores, and GPA. Include this information at the beginning of the video.  Use editing software to highlight yourself in the film during each clip.  Most common are a circle or an arrow pointing directly at you for 1-2 seconds immediately before each clip.

Follow up! Sending a soccer recruiting video to a coach and then expecting a phone call to get recruited isn’t realistic. You need to follow up with the coach via email or phone and ask if they received and watched the video and what the next step might be in the recruiting process.

Keep It Simple! There’s no need for fancy background music, special effects or special graphics.

Quality Matters. If at all possible, try and use a quality video camera on a wide enough angle with a tripod, so the camera is steady! High Definition cameras are preferred and are relatively inexpensive.

Post your video online. It’s easy to post your soccer recruiting video on YouTube or Vimeo and then email the link along with your athletic resume to colleges of interest. There is no need to send a DVD through the mail.

Below are examples of highlight and soccer recruiting videos filmed at Future 500 ID Camps:

Following these suggestions will greatly increase the odds of coaches watching and potentially liking your soccer recruiting video. Again, coaches are very busy people so make sure to follow up with them in a week or two! 

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