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Marketing Yourself To College Coaches in 5 Steps

The college soccer recruiting process has become very competitive, with a large number of high school hopefuls competing for a limited number of college roster spots. One of the most important components of ensuring that your recruiting process is a successful one involves standing out from the pack and getting the attention of college soccer coaches. This involves ‘marketing yourself’ to coaches. Below are 5 key ways that you can market yourself effectively and grab a coach’s attention during the college soccer recruiting process.

1. Create Your Highlight Reel

Coaches have limited time and resources available to travel and watch players in person. A highlight reel acts as your own personal advertisement and once sent to soccer coaches, allows them to watch your best plays with the click of a button. A high quality recruiting highlight video of your performances will give the coach a good impression of your ability and what you might bring to their team. Remember, Future 500 films all of your games and allows you to purchase high quality highlight reels for your recruiting conversations with coaches.

2. Attend Showcase Camps/ID Camps

College Showcase ID Camps are becoming a very popular way for coaches to identify potential recruits during the college soccer recruiting process. With so much going on during the year, many college coaches will utilize a popular summer showcase camp to energize their recruiting pool. Attendance at these camps allows you to put yourself in the spotlight and grab the attention of college coaches. Future 500 features 75 coaches from a carefully selected mix of D1, D2 and D3 schools. These coaches are organized using Future 500’s Maximum Exposure Matrix, ensuring every coach watches every player multiple times. Learn more here.

3. Review Your Social Media Accounts

Most aspiring student-athletes as well as the coaches they are trying to impress have a presence on a multitude of social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Coaches are becoming more social media savvy and will probably check your profiles to gain a better understanding of your character and personality while they are evaluating you. In order to ensure that you make a good impression, filter through your social posts and make sure you are giving a good account of yourself during the college soccer recruiting process.

4. Create Your Student-Athlete Resume

A comprehensive student-athlete college resume will prove vital in illustrating to coaches your accomplishments, ability and likelihood of success in their program. This college resume should be written and organized to communicate both your athletic ability and academic fit within a certain college program. Your resume will be attached as a link or as a PDF in your personal communications with college coaches.

5. Set Up Your Email Account For Success

The college coach email process is a vitally important component of the college recruiting process. Before emailing college coaches, it is important to set up your email account for success by making it look professional. This involves choosing a good email account name, creating a a good email signature

The 5 steps above will help you to create some great college soccer recruiting resources and market yourself to college coaches, greatly strengthening your NCAA recruiting process. Remember, attending Future 500 will give your chances of a successful recruiting process a major boost!

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