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Recruiting During Covid-19 (and the D-1 Dead Period)

The D-1 Dead Period has been extended until 2021, while coaches from D-2 and D-3 schools are finding it increasingly difficult to watch players in person. With no end in sight beyond this extension the process of being identified by college coaches has become drastically more difficult. So what are aspiring college players able to do to increase their chances of getting recruited to their dream college?

Play in front of coaches who can attend events, and leverage film for those who can’t.

Attending Future 500 ID Camps will allow you to be seen in person by the best mix and variety of D-2 and D-3 college coaches in the country. These coaches are organized using Future 500’s Maximum Exposure Matrix to ensure that every player is seen by every coach at each of our events. In addition to these coaches, Future 500 will connect you with many top colleges who aren’t physically able to attend any events for the foreseeable future – using video.

The ONLY way for MANY college coaches to watch players is through video.

Indeed, because many coaches can’t attend events to recruit in person, video has become an absolutely vital resource in the college recruiting process in 2020. Many coaches are recruiting players solely based on video and coaches recommendations because of the limitations surrounding attending events in person.

Future 500 has always been at the forefront in terms of providing the best opportunities for players to be identified by coaches. As the landscape has changed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, so has Future 500. We are truly excited to announce the Future 500 Video Program. This program will allow Future 500 ID Camps to provide the best in virtual identification to all of our customers, as well as high quality Film Packages and Highlight Reels, in addition to the incredible college exposure available from the 20+ coaches physically present at our events.

Future 500 is excited to announce that we have partnered with a number of top D-1 and high academic colleges by arranging to send them film from all of our fall camps.


Future 500, due to our outstanding reputation with college coaches around the nation, is organizing for top level D-1 coaches to watch players at each camp, virtually, in addition to the 20+ attending in person. Unlike other camps that make vague promises relating to virtual exposure, Future 500 will be speaking directly with these coaches and confirming that they would like for us to send them the film from camp.

All of the 11v11 games at each of our fall events will be recorded with the best in video technology, by professional videographers, in the highest of definition. All film will then be sent to the ‘virtual schools’ listed on our website that are unable to attend the event physically. These ‘virtual schools’ are designated with the following logo on the coaches pages:

Click here for the latest boys list and here for the girls list. This virtual exposure is especially important given that the Dead Period could be extended beyond the start of 2021, meaning that you may not be able to show D-1 coaches your level of play for many more months. Attending Future 500 will allow you to gain massive amounts of exposure to the top coaches physically in attendance, as well as to the virtual coaches listed. 

This is sure to give you the very best chance of showcasing your talent to the best coaches from around the country, during a time when you can’t be seen by many of them live.

In addition, Future 500’s Video Program makes all film available for purchase. We are also offering high quality highlight reels for purchase, using Future 500 film as well as film from other events. Purchasing Future 500’s Highlight Reel Package will give you a concise, professionally edited video complete with title card and more. This can be sent to any coach of your choosing from around the country that wasn’t physically present at Future 500 or part of the Video Program mentioned above. To learn more about Film and Highlight Reels, click here.

Give yourself the best chance to be identified by these coaches by signing up for camp and purchasing a Highlight Reel Package.

Future 500’s ID Camp & Video Program will help us to provide the best identification opportunity for players anywhere in the USA. Register here today.

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