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Future 500 Camps Near Orlando | How to choose the right camp

Soccer Camp Orlando. With so many soccer camps available;  how do you select a summer college soccer ID camp that truly is the highest quality and the best value?  Based on our many years of experience in the ID Camp Industry, Future 500 ID Camps submit 8 critical factors to consider when choosing an Elite Soccer ID Camp!

Factor 1:  How many matches are right for a college soccer ID camp?

It’s important to get the balance right! Play too many games and you will get worn out and not show well. Yet, if you don’t play enough, a bad stretch of play could limit your chances to get identified.

Future 500 ID Camps has close to 20 years of soccer camp experience. We offer you the correct blend of instructional time, 8v8 and 11v11 match-play. This enables college coaches to see you in different formats which improves your chances of getting identified properly. 

Factor 2:  How many of the college coaches at camp will actually see you play?  

Don’t just look at the number of colleges attending. Find out how many of the college attending will actually see you play! Are all the colleges coming to campus or are they saying some will view by livestream? If the fields are too spread out, or the college coach is only there for one day (which happens at many camps), how many colleges will actually see you play?

At Future 500 ID Camps, you are guaranteed Maximum Exposure. Our comprehensive coaching matrix allows players to seen by the best collection of college coaches in the country – often multiple times. How? Our facilities are all close together and we give every college coach and camper a highly detailed and tightly controlled schedule they must follow.

Beware of camps that make promises they can’t keep. Hint – If they say they have a 100% guarantee – buyer beware; exactly how does that work? 

Shrewd Shopper for Future 500 on LeftDid you know that some camps promising huge numbers of college coaches only have them come in for one day of your four day camp?  Buyer Beware!

Factor 3:  Do your homework ahead of time!

Count how many colleges the camp lists on their website. Does their website list as many as advertised?  Which college coach is actually coming from each college?   What makes the guarantee (if offered) possible?  Ask other families what their experience was at that camp.  If you have access to college coaches (through club soccer or recruiting) ask what they know about the camp? How often is the list of colleges revised online if a college cancels? Weekly, monthly, or not at all (not at all is more common than you think)?

At Future 500 ID Camps, our lists of colleges are updated weekly beginning February 1.  We are happy to provide contact information for college coaches that have worked Future 500 if you want to check references — or you can hear what college coaches say about Future 500 here.  We only advertise a college after they have completed an agreement committing to attend Adidas Future 500.


Is the ratio low enough to ensure quality attention from the coaches and staff attending the camp?  Low ratios are important to help ensure individual development and a quality experience.  

At Future 500 ID Camps, we provide a 10:1 camper to staff ratio, providing a small camp feel in a big camp setting.  


It may seem appealing if a camp company has a wide array of camps, but if they are running several camps a month throughout the year it may affect the quality of the camps. Running a top-notch college soccer ID camp requires months of preparation and planning; college coaches must be hired, facilities reserved, and websites maintained.  History and longevity are often better indicators of a good camp than quantity.

Future 500 began back in 1999 under the name of T3 Soccer. It has withstood the test of time, maintaining its status as the best college soccer ID camp in an industry in which new camps pop up overnight. Over the years, Future 500 has developed a reputation based on high-quality service and a dedication to excellence. See what college coaches who have worked Future 500 over the years say about their experience.

Factor 6:  Living Arrangements?

Where will campers stay? Are the dorms air-conditioned?  Are the dorms and dining halls close to the fields? Is there ample supervision and is camp held in a safe location? Is the food of high quality, ample and appropriate for athletes training multiple times per day?

At Future 500 ID Camps, the dorms are air-conditioned and all fields are within walking distance.  There is ample supervision as our staff to camper ratio is 7:1 and the dining halls are open for 2 hours per meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Factor 7:  Educational Seminar Quality?  

How many educational seminars? What is the content? How in-depth do the educational seminars go? What are the qualifications and knowledge base of the people conducting the seminars?

At Future 500 ID Camps, we only use top professionals for our industry leading Adidas Student-Athlete Success Seminars as we educate campers through our innovative seminars and workshops.  

Factor 8:  are testimonials and reviews available?

Talk to others who have attended the specific college soccer ID camp in the past to get their opinions. Look to see if the website lists a multitude of testimonials from different sources. What do parents have to say about camp? Players? Coaches?

Choose wisely!

The choice of a College ID Camp is an important one.  Don’t be bashful when asking questions. Doing your research will go a long way in helping to ensure that you receive the EXPERIENCE and VALUE you are looking for.

Soccer Camp Orlando

Future 500 ID Camps is the industry-leader in the U.S. for both showcasing and educating student-athletes looking to play soccer at top colleges and universities throughout the United States. Future 500 ID Camps provide an unparalleled soccer recruiting opportunity, with over 75 of the top NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 universities in attendance. Future 500’s innovative blend of on-field matches and off-field educational seminars provide an exceptional opportunity to get recruited by top colleges and universities, while getting educated on many important aspects of the college experience.

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