We dare you to compare Future 500 ID Camp to any camp in the US that claims to offer 50 or more colleges at ONE camp! In fact, we urge you to take a thorough look at Future 500 ID Camp and COMPARE US with any other larger scale ID soccer camp in the US. Visit our website, our blogs and see what college coaches say about Future 500 ID Camps. Get to know us – then visit their website (and blogs if they have them) and then compare us head-to-head.

Why are we

At no additional cost to campers, Future 500 ID Camps is excited to offer our state-of-the-art, High Definition ON DEMAND VIDEO PROGRAM of 11v11 matches at our 2017 Future 500 ID Camps!  In 2016, the ON DEMAND PROGRAM was a huge success helping campers to be recruited by college coaches long after camp was completed.  

How the ON DEMAND Video Program will work this summer

High Definition Video links will be provided to each college coach that attended camp so they can further analyze video for any camper.

High Definition Video links will also be accessible to every NCAA

Future 500 is excited to announce that in addition to our Free On Demand Video Program Future 500 ID Camp will now offer FREE LIVE STREAMS for 11v11 matches at all 2017 Future 500 ID Camps! College coaches not in attendance can watch from their college and parents can watch too!

Here is how the Future 500 LIVE STREAM program will work:

SportsRecruits.com & Future 500 ID Camps will offer free LIVE STREAM links to college coaches unable to attend, so that they can watch 11v11 games live. College coaches watching campers from the Future 500 Live Streams

Leveraging technology is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the recruiting process. Future 500 ID Camp is committed to this ideal, and SportsRecruits.com is excited to not only partner but to enhance campers’ experience again this summer.” – Aaron Zimmerman, Director of Event Operations, SportsRecruits.com

Future 500 ID Camp welcomes back sportsrecruits.com to all 3 weeks of camp this summer.  Sportsrecruits.com is an industry-leader in soccer technology solutions including HD video and streamlined communications systems for players, club teams and college coaches.  As the official video and technology provider for Future

It is at this point in the year, many soccer players are planning out their summer and are deciding which camps, clinics, or colleges they will fill their summer schedule with.  Throughout the summer schedule, feedback will be received from a variety of sources; club coaches, high school coaches, college coaches, basically coaches at every level.  Then there is the feedback these athletes receive from their parents.  All of this feedback is to be internalized, during this internalization, confidence can be built or taken away.  

Ask these 3 Questions to Build Confidence as a Soccer Player

Use these 3 questions

Future 500 ID Camps, the U.S. leader in College ID Camps, is proud to announce its partnership with USA Scholarships.

February 23, 2017

About USA Scholarships

USA Scholarships, based in Johannesburg, South Africa is a recruitment service which helps students from all over the world pursue their athletic dreams at American universities. Founded in 2015, USA Scholarships acts on behalf of athletes and their families by introducing them to the best colleges and coaches within the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. Student-athletes often struggle with the complicated and lengthy college athletics process. USA Scholarships has devised a programme to assist students

 Soccer Showcase Tournaments:  Club Managers Weigh In

The Team Camp Staff at Future 500 ID Camps often hear about the challenges that club coaches and team managers share pertaining to their Soccer Showcase Tournaments.  While there are many positive aspects of a traditional showcase soccer tournament, most club managers lament that “college coaches that register never make it to their team’s game and if they do, they only stay for 30 minutes or less.”

What’s the difference at Future 500 ID Camps for Club Soccer Teams?

Hunter Soccer [email protected]
Well done @Future_500 for running a superb ID

Future 500 ID Camps, the U.S. leader in College ID Camps, is proud to announce its partnership with College Connect International.

February 8, 2017

About College Connect International

College Connect International is the #1 Recruiting Company, maintaining a focus on talented African student-athletes. The CCI Team has over 20 years of combined experience in college sports and recruiting. The team at CCI consists of former scholarship athletes, Olympians, coaches and professionals who strive to deliver exceptional service for each prospect by using their thorough knowledge and experience of the recruiting and scholarship process. CCI works with individuals, clubs/academies, high

Best Goalkeeper Training Camp at Largest ID Camp in USA

Combine the best goalkeeper training camp and the top soccer id camp and you get the 2017 Future 500 ID Camp.  In addition to playing in daily 8v8 and 11v11 matches, goalkeepers also receive outstanding additional instruction by some of the top college keeper coaches in the country.

In addition to playing a minimum of six 8 v 8 and 11 v 11 matches, keepers will also participate in three goalkeeper training sessions. We do not charge an extra fee to keepers for the three keeper training sessions.  These 3 sessions are

2017 Summer Soccer Camps Announced!

Three exciting weeks of 2017 summer soccer camps were announced by Future 500 ID Camp for high school age boys and girls interested in the best soccer id camps in the USA.  In 2016, campers representing 46 US states and 34 countries across the globe showcased their soccer talent at Future 500 ID Camps.  All 2017 summer soccer camps will be located in suburban Philadelphia, PA.  Our id soccer camps offer overnight and commuter options.

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2017 Boys Soccer Camps
2017 Girls Soccer Camp

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