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Recruiting Tips
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Soccer Resume: 4 Tips To Help You Get To College

The successful navigation of the complex and sometimes stressful college soccer recruiting process requires a number of key resources allowing you to easily communicate your value to college coaches. In addition to a college recruiting highlight video, a comprehensive student-athlete college soccer resume will prove vital in illustrating to coaches your accomplishments, ability and likelihood of success in their program. This college soccer resume should be written and organized to communicate both your athletic ability and academic fit within a certain college program. This article will explain the 4 ... read more

Soccer Coach Emails | Email Samples and Templates

Using a high quality email template to send college soccer coach emails is important because it helps you stand out in the soccer coaches inbox. Coaches receive thousands of emails every year and have limited time to devote to opening and replying. College soccer coaches will go through their inbox and quickly determine which emails are worth their time. Impersonal emails and messages from often get deleted, as do unprofessional, poorly crafted soccer coach emails. When you are writing soccer coach emails, write an email that you would like to receive yourself. If you don’t put any time into writing your email, don’t expect a college coach to put any time into reading it. read more

College Soccer Scholarships | 4 Things You Need To Know

There is no way around it, college is expensive. In fact, when it comes to deciding which colleges to attend – financial considerations are often a family’s primary determining factor. There are two main ways of offsetting the significant costs associated with attending a college or university: need-based financial aid and merit-based aid. Merit-based aid most commonly consists of academic or athletic scholarships, or some combination of the two. Athletic scholarships are non-guaranteed, financial aid agreements between a college and an athlete. These scholarships are awarded to athletes based on a coach’s perception of their athletic ability. SIDE-NOTE: The best way for you to put your read more

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