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Recruiting Tips
& Blog

Recruiting Tips
& Blog

Don’t Go To These Colleges

40% of student-athletes transfer after their freshman year. Of these, another 40% transfer schools more than once. It is extremely important to spend time eliminating schools from your college search. In order to help you eliminate schools, read the list of schools you shouldn’t go to below. 1. The School That is Too Close or Too Far from Home The data says that 58% of students go to college within 100 miles of their home town, and only 11% venture further than 500 miles for college. Decide which type of person you are, and eliminate all schools that aren’t in the desired geographical location. read more

The Importance of the Schedule at an ID Camp

Aspiring college soccer players sign up for ID Camps in order to get recruited by college coaches. ID camps put players in the spotlight, allowing them to play in front of college coaches and ultimately, get recruited. An often understated, but extremely important component of a good college ID camp is how the schedule is organized. Here are some questions to consider when evaluating an ID camp schedule: #1 – Are players training or are they playing games?  #2 – How much are the players playing? Are players playing too many games and burning out in the process, or playing too few to be ... read more

Why Should a High School Soccer Player Looking to Play in College Attend a Soccer ID Camp?

A Future 500 Soccer ID Camp is a soccer summer camp specifically designed for high school-aged soccer players who are interested in playing college soccer. These camps provide a unique opportunity for players to showcase their skills in front of college soccer coaches, who are actively looking for talented players to add to their teams. But why should a high school soccer player looking to play in college attend a Future 500 Soccer ID Camp? Let’s take a closer look. First of all, attending our Soccer ID Camp is an excellent way for players to get noticed by college soccer coaches. read more