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Recruiting Tips
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Why 60 Colleges?

If you are a parent of a soccer player who aspires to play collegiate soccer, you’re probably wondering how to get your player in front of college soccer coaches. You have probably seen a variety of ID camps that advertise a varied number of coaches in attendance, and thought, ‘which ID camps are worth the time and money?’. In this article we will focus on one of the key differences between different ID camps: the number of coaches in attendance. Future 500’s ID Camps feature 60 college coaches, a significant number, more than any other camp in the country. But why do we have 60 ... read more

Are College Soccer ID Camps Worth it?

College Soccer ID camps are a vital part of the college soccer recruiting process. In fact, they are becoming a primary evaluative tool used by college soccer coaches. But why are they so important? Let’s look at it from a college soccer coach’s perspective. Coaches have a small number of off-campus evaluations to use for identification, alongside a limited recruiting budget. And after COVID-19, recruiting budgets are even lower, so there are more limitations in the number of off-campus recruiting opportunities. College recruiting is about standing out, separating yourself from the other players. The player pool you are competing with is deep. read more

2022 Virginia Soccer Camps | Join Us At Future 500 This Summer

Looking for a Virginia soccer camp this year? Look no further than Future 500 ID Camps in Virginia. Future 500 specializes in providing the ultimate college soccer exposure events to high school players who are looking to get identified by college coaches. We have a variety of events this summer featuring a collection of the top college coaches in the nation. Here are some of the reasons you should select Future 500 as your 2022 Virginia boys soccer camp or girls soccer camp destination. MAXIMUM EXPOSURE Future 500’s 2022 Virginia Summer Soccer Camps will provide you with the most in-depth exposure to the highest-quality collection of NCAA coaches available. read more

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