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Recruiting Tips
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Will your son/daughter be seen at our ID Camp?

One of the questions we often receive from parents is some variation of the following: ‘A number of schools that we are interested in are attending your ID Camp. How do we know that our son/daughter will be seen by these coaches at camp?’ It is great to see coaches you are interested in listed on a website for an ID camp (especially when these coaches have confirmed their attendance as they do for Future 500’s events), but parents want to know whether or not their child will have the opportunity to be seen by these coaches. Coaches that attend but don’t watch their son/daughter might as well have not been listed on the website at all. read more

Games vs Training at an ID Camp.

As spring nears, players and parents will be consumed by countless messages regarding College ID Camps being held throughout the country. Many clubs are now hosting their own camps to ‘showcase’ their players in front of college coaches, along with companies who run camps ranging from three or four hours in a single day to five or six full days with players staying in dorms or hotels. With all of these available options, how are families to determine what event might be best for their son or daughter?  Games vs Training: What is Better For Recruiting? While different ID Camps offer different experiences, most people sign up for these events for a fairly straightforward reason, to be ... read more

Comparing ID Camps? 5 Things To Look Out For.

College ID camps are a vital component of getting recruited to play college soccer. With a number of options available, how do families decide where to spend their hard earned money? Here are 5 key things to think about when comparing ID Camps: Are The Coaches Actually Attending? Most ID Camps usually list a certain number of colleges on their website as attending an upcoming ID camp. The most important question here is: are the coaches actually going to be there? Some ID camp coach lists end up being pretty different in person than they were advertised online. It is important to evaluate the reputation of the ID camp provider when deciding which camp to attend. read more

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