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Soccer vs Academics in College Recruiting: 4 Considerations


The college search and selection process is different for aspiring college soccer players than it is for non-athletes, and includes both an academic and athletic component. It is important to balance both of these components when engaging with each stage of the soccer recruiting process. How do each of these components factor into the college recruiting process? Read about the four important points to consider relating to the Soccer vs Academics question below.

1. Academics Really ... read more

5 Tips For Successful College Coach Phone Calls

5 Tips For Successful College Coach Phone Conversations

At some point in your college soccer recruiting process, it is likely that you will have a phone call with a college soccer coach. Some soccer coaches will call recruits early on in the recruiting process, while others may only call towards the end of their recruiting cycle. If a college soccer coach calls you it’s a good sign that they are legitimately interested in you.

You can also take the initiative and set up phone calls with college coaches. This shows that you are responsible and highly interested in moving forward with the particular read more

6 Reasons College Soccer Coaches Don’t Respond To Your Emails

6 Reasons College Soccer Coaches Don't Respond To Your Emails

Emailing college soccer coaches is an important aspect of your college soccer recruiting journey. Coaches receive hundreds of emails from interested soccer players every year but only have a limited amount of time to devote to email responses. The time constraints faced by college soccer coaches mean that they are only able to open a certain number of emails that they receive, and then only able to respond to a certain proportion of those that they open. Standing out and making a positive impression on a soccer coach through your emails can greatly ... read more

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