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Recruiting Tips
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5 Tips for Choosing A Soccer Camp

Soccer ID Camps have become incredibly popular as they allow players to play in front of college coaches. ID Camps allow players to make lasting connections with coaches that will assist in the journey to a college roster. With so many new camps out there it can be difficult evaluating which to spend your valuable time and money on. Read below to find out how to evaluate and compare camps. 1. How many coaches does the camp have? It comes down to simple math – the more coaches there are, the greater variety of coaches there are, the greater your odds of forming solid connections with coaches and being identified. read more

Don’t Go To These Schools

40% of students change school. Of these, another 40% change schools more than once. It is extremely important to spend time eliminating schools from your college search. In order to help you eliminate schools, read the list of schools you shouldn’t go to below. Plus, there are only a few days left in the One Time Only Sale. Don’t miss out. 1. The School That is Too Close or Too Far from Home The data says that 58% of students go to college within 100 miles of their home town, and only 11% venture further than 500 miles for college. Decide which type of person you are, and eliminate all schools that aren’t in the desired geographical location. read more

Coach Email Templates & Examples


College soccer coaches receive thousands of emails every year. It is important to email coaches in a way that will help you to stand out and get a response. Remember, only 5.6% of high school soccer players make a college roster. You need to engage in productive conversations with coaches in order to be one of them. Follow the templates below for your first email and follow up emails in order to improve your email conversations with coaches. 

Sample Email To College Coach: Introduction Email Template

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