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Coach Email Templates & Examples


College soccer coaches receive thousands of emails every year. It is important to email coaches in a way that will help you to stand out and get a response. Remember, only 5.6% of high school soccer players make a college roster. You need to engage in productive conversations with coaches in order to be one of them. Follow the templates below for your first email and follow up emails in order to improve your email conversations with coaches. 

Sample Email To College Coach: Introduction Email Template

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5.6% of soccer players make a college roster: be one of them.


We get it, the college recruiting process is complicated and stressful. 30 years of experience with the journey from high school to college soccer has taught us as much. Add to the complexity, there are literally thousands of athletes competing for limited soccer roster spots. In fact, only 5.6% of high school soccer players go on to play soccer in college. 

The competition is intense for roster spots. To give ... read more

7 Steps To Get Recruited To Play Soccer In College

There is more to the college soccer recruiting process than simply performing well on the soccer field. The truth is that both women’s and men’s college soccer teams at the NCAA D1, D2, or D3 levels have a lot of prospective soccer players to select. Depending on the college and NCAA division, you can be competing with hundreds of recruits for only 4 – 10 roster spots per team. In fact, NCAA states that only 5.6% of high school soccer players make a college roster. This means that as a prospective student athlete, it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to be proactive and assertive in the college soccer recruiting process. read more

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