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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?

Future 500 ID Camps are open to boys (grades 9-12) and girls (grades 8-12) who aspire to play at the collegiate level. All camps must be available to any and all entrants, and those entrants can only be limited by number, gender, age, and/or grade level.

Is there specific Goalkeeper Training?

Yes. Keepers will have 3 keeper training sessions at camp and will also play with their designated team in every match. We do not charge an extra fee to keepers for the 3 keeper training sessions. The 3 sessions consist of: an evaluation session on Day 1; a college coached training session that also incorporates field players on day 2: another keeper specific training session with top-level college keeper coaches on day 3.

Keeper training times are carefully planned so they never miss their team’s matches for keeper training, ensuring that keepers will be seen by all of the 75+ colleges at camp. To help increase opportunities for keepers to be recruited, we provide brief evaluations on every keeper at camp to all college coaches within 24 hours after the start of camp. We believe this to be a very helpful way to aid colleges looking to identify keepers and ultimately leads to more keepers being identified as a result of camp.

Optional Additional Keeper Training: Keepers can also sign up for 3 additional keeper training sessions with top-level college keeper coaches, giving them 6 total keeper training sessions if they choose this option.

Who will be coaching us at camp?

Head and Assistant Coaches from all colleges listed (and more) will be in attendance and coaching. The structure of camp provides college coaches with ample opportunities to thoroughly identify and evaluate players. Additional college coaches that are not part of our staff are also invited to attend sessions for recruiting purposes. Player rosters are provided to all College coaches that attend.