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Future 500 ID Soccer Camps help players of different levels of ability gain significant exposure to a large variety of college soccer coaches. Each camp features 75 + College Soccer Programs providing both the largest and highest-quality collection of NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 coaches of any camps, making us the top soccer camps in the country.


soccer camps

Players play on an innovative schedule of 8v8, 11v11 matches and training sessions, while coaches are organized using our unique Maximum Exposure Matrix, ensuring that each player is watched by every college coach during each of our soccer camps. 

soccer camps

Players play on first-rate fields and are coached by a different NCAA Division 1, 2, or 3 coach in every match and training session, ensuring maximum exposure, coach interaction and training opportunities.   

College Coaches also meet with players in small group break-out and tactical scouting sessions, where players interact with and get to know coaches, further strengthening college coach interaction and exposure. Future 500 ID Camps are the top soccer camps in the country to personally interact with college coaches.

soccer camps

All 11 v 11 matches and All Star Games are filmed in high definition by professional sports videographers from elevated video towers. College Coaches have access to these matches, allowing coaches to watch players long after the soccer camps have ended.  


Future 500 ID Soccer Camps also includes college recruiting educational seminars for players, featuring industry leading speakers, as well as top quality facilities, college player counselors and on-demand videos making Future 500 the top soccer camps for college exposure and training in the country.

Future 500 boys soccer camps and girls soccer camps are an essential showcase for any aspiring college soccer players. Future 500 only comes around once a year, so don’t miss out on the best college soccer exposure opportunity on the market.


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This camp was a great way to showcase the skills of the player at an individual level. Through around 700 minutes of playing soccer over the course of four days, players were able to be seen by the top level college coaches in D1 D2 and D3.

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The way it’s organized, every player is being seen by more college coaches than you could possibly arrange by attending tournaments. The small sided games also highlight players’ technical and tactical skills in a way that can’t happen in full field games. A great opportunity! Overall, it was a fantastic experience for my son who has been contacted by a few coaches already. Thanks very much!

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As parents, we could not be more pleased with the results of F500. Our son came away raving about the experience and organization of the camp. He was really excited about the fact that he got to interact with so many coaches he was interest in. He has already started receiving emails from coaches that were at Future 500!

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As VP and Director of Soccer Operations at Hunter Soccer Club, my players raved about their experience at the Future 500 ID camp. I will recommend that any college bound club players attend this camp.

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I just wanted to thank you guys again for running an A+++ program. We had the opportunity to attend the _____ ID Camp in Dallas, TX this weekend and the differences between the two camps was remarkable. In a nutshell, your ID program is superior in administration, organization and college coach participation/interaction. The option for video was an absolute plus as we have been able to use some of the video for Cassie’s highlight recruitment video. Even something as simple as having access to daily schedules via internet. (No access at _______). Most importantly, Cassie had such a positive experience and positive feedback from the coaches in attendance at Future 500. In fact, she has had numerous offers and inquiries from some great schools. Looks like we’ll be traveling to the East Coast quite a bit over the next several months as she attempts to make a decision on college and the continuation of her soccer career. We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the careful thought and consideration you give to making sure the athletes have an opportunity to be coached by different college coaches and to be seen by the various coaches. As we returned home from _____, Cassie began discussing the differences between Future 500 and _____ and her preference for Future 500 was unquestionable. We are also unsure how the college coaches will contact the athletes who attended ______. With Future 500, Cassie received emails directly from the coaches. With _____, the coaches review the athlete’s resume and respond through _____ which I assume is controlled by ______. This would be fine but for the fact that parents have to pay an additional monthly fee for the athletes to see what schools are looking at their resumes from the _____ ID camp. I was completely surprised by this additional expense considering the costs of the camp. We will definitely be recommending Future 500 to other parents!!

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Thanks again for all the hard work you put into the future 500 camp!!!!!! My daughter, Destiny, has made a verbal commitment to Kutztown University after attending your camp!!! It was a wonderful experience and we are excited to see what the future holds!!!!!!

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Our oldest daughter, Hannah, did attend the Future 500 camp at Eastern two years ago, just prior to her junior year of high school. Being our first child to embark on the soccer recruiting path, we were quite blindsided to learn how early schools begin looking at potential recruits and how early these girls verbally commit. Grand Valley's head coach, Jeff Hosler, was in attendance at that camp and had put Hannah on his potential recruit list after watching her play. Fast forward a few months and Hannah received an email invite to an ID clinic they were offering at GV. After some research of the school and their powerhouse program, Hannah realized that this may be an opportunity to not overlook. She attended the clinic and received an offer to play for them. She verbally committed in the winter of her junior year and is currently getting ready to begin her first season as a Laker.

The 500 camp really opened doors for Hannah that would otherwise not have been. Providing athletes with maximum exposure to college coaches in one environment in a short time is very efficient and very productive. From her exposure, Hannah felt she was finally on a recruiting path and was being contacted by several college coaches.

We often say that if she had not attended that camp, we really don't feel she would be playing for one of the top soccer programs in the country. As they say in the sports world, "Great moments come from great opportunities." That is what this camp provides! Keep up the great work!

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