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Veo Film & Highlight Reels

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Future 500 & Veo: The Best In Video Recruiting

Future 500 has partnered with VEO to offer the best video recruiting opportunity of any camp in the country. Every camper has the option to purchase high-quality game film from the camp and can choose to upgrade to the highlight reel package, which includes a fully edited highlight reel.

VEO records the highest quality video, before allowing coaches to zoom in, track, isolate and watch any player at Future 500.

How Veo Will Help You Get Identified:

Veo Film Package

Future 500 campers can purchase the VEO Film Package as a camp add-on. This grants them access to high-quality VEO film from all their 11v11 games at camp. They will be able to download their film or easily send it directly to coaches using the innovative VEO platform.


Highlight Reels

Future 500 will edit your VEO Film into a concise, high-quality highlight reel, complete with isolation effects, a title card, and more. Future 500’s Highlight Reels will provide you with a link to download the highlight reel, which can be sent directly to coaches.


Veo Features:

  1. VEO is the only technology in the U.S. that will allow coaches to watch 1 player the entire game anywhere they are on the field. Used by professional teams worldwide, Veo is the single most powerful video recruiting tool available to help high school soccer players get recruited by college coaches and is much more powerful than regular video.
  2. VEO’s artificial intelligence tracks each player the entire game, capturing everything you do on and off the ball in the clearest of detail.
  3. The quality of the footage is the highest available definition (4K), far exceeding the quality of footage at any other events. The footage is also shot from the ideal elevation, ensuring players are easy to evaluate and identify.
  4. Coaches use Future 500’s VEO technology to watch you, even when you’re not actively on the ball. This helps them to identify all of your strengths, significantly increasing recruiting opportunities.
  5. Families attending Future 500 can purchase a VEO Film Package, granting them access to all 11v11 game films on the VEO Platform. They can use the VEO Platform to send films directly to coaches, who then have access to all the amazing VEO features that enable them to identify the player.