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VEO Press Release


Future 500 ID Camps, the best camps for college exposure in the nation, is partnering with Veo, the leader in soccer video technology. Veo uses a 180° camera with two 4K lenses to record the entire field at 30 frames per second from the perfect elevation. Veo uses AI powered software to automatically detect the ball and every player on the pitch at all times. Veo’s innovative platform allows college coaches to watch and analyze any player on and off the ball, at any point in the game, creating the best recruiting exposure possible for Future 500 campers. 

Future 500’s Founder, Mark Wagner had this to say about the partnership…

 Future 500 has always focused first and foremost on providing the best opportunities for players to be identified by college coaches. We are truly excited to announce an important new partnership that will allow Future 500 to provide the best in virtual identification through video, in addition to the incredible college exposure available to the coaches physically present at our events. 

This partnership will allow us to record the highest quality video available in the market. College coaches around the country can then view video of any player directly through Veo’s innovative technology platform, which allows coaches to zoom in on and follow any player on the field at any point in the game, or for the entire match — dramatically increasing each camper’s college recruiting opportunities.

Lee Hudson, the U.S. Marketing Manager for Veo commented on the partnership…

Veo is very excited to partner with Future 500 ID Camps, a company with a reputation for creating the highest quality college exposure opportunities for aspiring college soccer players. Having moved to the United States 12 years ago, I quickly learned of the massive importance that ID Camps and ID Clinics have in the soccer recruiting process. 

For many years, Future 500 has provided top-notch college exposure to campers, with many of the best coaches around the country attending their events. We are excited to partner with Future 500 to provide them with another important tool for college exposure. This is especially important during this time when many coaches can’t watch players live.

Future 500 looks forward to working with Veo to provide campers with this incredible video technology, which will significantly increase their college recruiting opportunities.

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