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What Is Our Camper To Coach Ratio And Does It Matter?

Does the camper to coach ratio matter? What is Future 500’s ratio – especially given that we have 50 college coaches at each camp? We are often asked about our coach-to-camper ratio, with many parents interested in what their son or daughters’ experience would be if they attended one of Future 500’s ID camps. This is only natural, as with any large scale ID camp (with over 50 college coaches), parents may be curious as to whether their son or daughter will be seen by all of the college coaches in attendance. Parents want to know if the college ID camp is worth it. One of the key ways that parents evaluate the value of a camp is to determine whether or not their child will attain sufficient exposure to the coaches in attendance – ultimately leading to a desirable recruiting outcome. While there are many important factors in determining whether or not an aspiring college player will be seen by the college coaches in attendance, including scheduling, camp organization and company integrity, the actual ratio of college coaches to campers is important to consider as well.

‘a big camp with a small camp feel’

We like to describe our ID camps as ‘big camps with a small camp feel’. This description (which a parent generously came up with a few years ago) is the best way to picture your son or daughter’s time at one of our camps – they will be seen by every coach in attendance despite there being 50. In fact, every 2022 summer ID Camp will have a 3:1 (or less) camper to college coach ratio. This means for every 3 campers, there will be a college coach. In fact, there are a number of our summer ID camps that will have a 2:1 ratio. This, in addition to the meticulous way that we schedule and organize 11v11 games, means that every player will be seen by every DI, DII and DIII coach multiple times over the course of each 2-day ID camp.

‘3:1, Camper to Coach Ratio, or better’

There are a number of other ways in which we organize the event to create the ‘small camp feel’, and utilize the great coach to camper ratio to create even more exposure to college coaches. These include campers receiving individual attention, players will get to know college coaches through “Ask A Coach” Q&A and Tactical Scouting Sessions, where they will interact directly with coaches, further strengthening identification and exposure opportunities. Our camps also feature Live Recruiting Sessions where a knowledgeable college coach will talk with players LIVE during a match to help them see exactly what college coaches are looking for when they are recruiting. The schedule, the coach to camper ratio, the 11v11 games and the sessions described above all contribute to an experience that parents, players and coaches continue to rave about every year and one that helps aspiring college players get recruited, like no other.

‘one that helps aspiring college players get recruited, like no other’

If you would like to take advantage of the camper to coach ratio, and sign up to get identified this summer – be sure to register here. Remaining spots are limited.

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