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Why 50 Colleges?

If you are a parent of, or a soccer player who aspires to play collegiate soccer, you’re probably wondering how to get in front of college soccer coaches. You have probably seen a variety of ID camps that advertise a varied number of coaches in attendance, and thought, ‘which ID camps are worth the time and money?’. In this article we will focus on one of the key differences between different ID camps: the number of coaches in attendance.

Future 500’s ID Camps feature 50 college coaches, a significant number, more than any other camp in the country. But why do we have 50 colleges at each camp? Well, the goal of Future 500 is to provide a platform for players to be seen by college coaches and ultimately to get recruited. We believe that having 50 college coaches in attendance is one of the key factors in helping us achieve this goal.

How does it help? Below are some of the reasons that our camps feature 50 college coaches.

#1 – Variety

Having 50 college coaches at camp naturally enables us to include a variety of colleges from different divisions, states, settings and sizes. There are many high academic colleges, colleges that focus on athletics and everything in between. Having 50 colleges allows us to provide players with great recruiting exposure to a variety of different colleges from different conferences. The different divisions represented also allows for great recruiting exposure to players of different levels.

#2 – Scale

This goes without saying, but having 50 college coaches at our events means there will be a very large number of coaches watching players over the course of 2 days at camp. We chose 50 because we wanted to really provide players with one event that would kickstart their journey to college and provide them with a great deal of exposure to many college coaches.

This large number of coaches obviously presented some challenges in terms of ensuring these 50 coaches watched every player in attendance. One of our primary goals, since our inception, was to create a system that would make the camp feel small despite the large number of coaches as well as ensure that our 50 coaches watched every player at camp over the course of the 2 days.

To accomplish this we created what we call our ‘maximum exposure matrix’ which controls the flow of players and coaches from one game to the next – making sure that every coach watches every player at camp. We are often described as a ‘big camp with a small camp feel’.

We are absolutely meticulous with this scheduling and planning process (as evidenced by the rave reviews we receive every year from both college coaches and parents). 

We are confident that you will not get more high quality college coach exposure at any other event this year (other ID Camps, showcase tournaments etc).

#3 – Participation

Having more college coaches in attendance allows for more college coach participation. Future 500 allows more college coaches to actively participate in our ID camps, getting hands-on experience evaluating whether or not a player would be a good fit for their program. This also means that players that attend one of our ID camps leave having interacted with many college coaches in live recruiting sessions, breakout sessions and during games. Players get more one-on-one interaction with coaches in this environment than in any other, allowing them to establish connections and bolster their chances of getting recruited.

In 2022,  94.3% of college coaches at Future 500 identified multiple players from our Summer ID Camps. Future 500 is beloved by college coaches, providing the ultimate environment for coaches to watch and identify players.

Spots are limited, be sure to register soon to save your place at one of our upcoming ID Camps.

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