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Why does Future 500 Offer Test Prep?

People ask why we offer standardized test preparation services and the option to take a full practice SAT, PSAT or ACT at a college ID camp. It is a great question. It allows us to speak to what we are really trying to do at Future 500.

Students frequently report improvements of of 100-200 points or more after participating in a test prep course. Taking proctored practice tests also leads to better scores. Many prospects see their college options and aid packages limited by test scores that understate their true academic potential. By partnering with Kaplan Test Prep, the industry leader in test preparation, Future 500 gives campers a significant advantage that will benefit them greatly when taking the take official exam . It’s worth devoting a little time for a potentially big jump in scores!

Practice makes perfect. Just like in soccer, the more a player practices, the better they become. The same is true with standardized tests! And unlike soccer matches – of which you will participate in many – testing only happens a very limited number of times. The more test practice opportunities – the greater your chances for an improved score – and the greater opportunities you will have with colleges!

Take the test before camp officially begins – free of charge! This year we are offering the full practice exam in the morning of the first day of camp, before camp officially begins – at no extra charge! And Future 500 ID Camp corporate sponsor –Kaplan Test Prep – the industry leader for SAT, PSAT and ACT Test Prep, will administer all exams!
Exams will begin at approximately 8:30am the first day of camp and will be done by around Noon – leaving plenty of time to grab some lunch and move in to your dorm before the start of camp (additional details will be sent when you register for camp).
We encourage all campers that have never taken a practice exam to do so while at Future 500 ID Camp. You will be happy you did!

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