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5 Reasons Why F500 Spring Camps Are Your Best Chance To Get Identified

It has been a difficult year for college recruiting. Covid-19 has forced most soccer events to be cancelled, resulting in so much lost recruiting exposure for aspiring college soccer players. 2021 is around the corner and Future 500 is here to help you make up for this lost time.

Future 500 Spring ID Camps will help players of different levels of ability gain significant exposure to the highest-quality collection of college soccer coaches in the country, massively increasing recruiting opportunities.

Here are 5 key ways that the Spring Camps will help jumpstart your journey to college:

1. Each Spring Camp features a carefully selected mix of 10-15 college coaches, organized using our Maximum Exposure Matrix to ensure that every player is watched by every coach, making for an unparalleled identification opportunity this Spring.

‘Top colleges from a carefully selected mix of schools, watching you play games.’

2. This mix and quality of college coaches will help players of all levels get identified by coaches, giving you a massive boost in your college journey.

3. Future 500 is partnership with Veo, the leader in video technology, to help us provide the best video identification opportunity of any camp in the country. Coaches on our Veo list (on each coach page) will have access to your camp film to review and identify you after camp, massively increasing recruiting opportunities. Learn more about Veo here.

4. Future 500 is hosting Spring Camps for both boys and girls all around the country, bringing the best college exposure opportunity to you. See the boys lists here and the girls lists here.

Below are the Spring locations we have announced:











5. Future 500 maintains the highest standards for every one of our events. There is simply no comparing other ID camps and showcases with the quality we deliver. Parents and coaches rave about our events every year. Read what parents have to say here and what coaches have to say here.

Future 500’s Spring ID Camps accept fewer registrants, and demand for these camps is very high. Register today before spots run out.

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