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Will your son/daughter be seen at our ID Camp?

One of the questions we often receive from parents is some variation of the following:

‘A number of schools that we are interested in are attending your ID Camp. How do we know that our son/daughter will be seen by these coaches at camp?’

It is great to see coaches you are interested in listed on a website for an ID camp (especially when these coaches have confirmed their attendance as they do for Future 500’s events), but parents want to know whether or not their child will have the opportunity to be seen by these coaches. Coaches that attend but don’t watch their son/daughter might as well have not been listed on the website at all.

Here at Future 500, our mission is to help connect players to college coaches. So while we put a great deal of effort into assembling our college coach list, carefully selecting a variety of top DI, DII and DIII colleges from around the country, we put even more effort into ensuring that all of the coaches in attendance watch all of the players. We go the extra mile to ensure what we call ‘Maximum Exposure’ for all of the players in attendance.

The way we do this is by giving the players and the college coaches a strict schedule of where to be and at what time. Both the college coaches (who we actively employ) and players have to follow this over the course of the two days. We use this very detailed schedule, or Maximum Exposure Matrix, to ensure that every single coach rotates and watches every player at camp, usually over the course of multiple games.

We also have a number of staff members as well as college player counselors to ensure players and coaches follow the schedule and receive a great deal of individual attention from college coaches.

In order to ensure players are seen by coaches we also prioritize games over training, as this is how college coaches primarily recruit. Read more here.

We developed this ‘Maximum Exposure Matrix’ over the course of a number of years – refining it to the point where we are confident that Future 500 will be your best opportunity to gain exposure to the coaches on your list.

Note – spots for camp usually fill up weeks in advance. To register for camp, click here.

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